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Modified on Fri, 18 Nov 2022 at 11:09 AM

Display groups in linear (2D) view of progression on golf course similar to a scorecard


Time Line - View the groups transition through the course

Time Sheets - Open the time sheets related to the day selected in date selector

Position Data - Raw data received from groups 

Completed Groups - Groups that have completed a round, move timeline back to see progression of groups

Time Line

  • Find a Member
  • Select Group icons for extra information
  • Move Timeline clock
  • Fast Forward, Pause or Rewind Timeline
  • Change Date or Revert to Today
  • Send Notifications (Today view only)

Select Group Icon

  • Start tee and Time 
  • Completion Time if scores submitted
  • Players in Group with handicaps
  • Par Time - Expected time for round completion, adjustable by hole in Systems > Courses > Tee Marker
  • Time Played - Elapsed time of round calculated from booking row time
  • Time Left - Time Played + Sum of Par Time of remaining holes
  • Time Variance - Ahead (-) or Behind (+) Par Time
  • Distance left on hole - Remaining distance of hole being played
  • Distance Behind - Distance from Par Time on course, only displays when behind not ahead of time
  • Playing Order - Order of holes being played 1 > 18 or 10 > 18 then 1 > 9

Time Sheets

  • Select Timesheets
  • View timesheet data

Position Data

  • Group specifics
  • Tee Time, Tee Marker + Starting Hole
  • For Hole - Current Hole, Position, Distance, % and Time left
  • For Round - Duration so far and projected round time

Completed Groups

  • Group #, Name, Start time and hole
  • Score Submission Time
  • Round Duration

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