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Modified on Mon, 27 Nov 2023 at 03:05 PM

November 2023

New Features

Private Competitions released

Set-up a private competition event with live scoring and leaderboards. Can be run in-conjunction with a club competition or for social play

SideMatch released

 Automatic score match play with your playing partner or the other pair in the group

NearPin released

Setup the Nearest the Pin and Novelties in the prize setup and competitors can add in MiScore App their name or playing partners with an approximate distance. Winners names automatically added to Prize Allocation leaderboard

Social Score Handicap

Add exact GA handicap or a Playing Handicap when playing a social round away from your home club

October 2023

New Features

More than 200+ Social Score courses added

    We are now adding into the MiScore App club list all the other clubs in Australia not MiClub clients 

Set Pin Location to expire in future ie in 3 days

    Hold the pin positions for the next xx days, ie Set pin positions to hold from Wednesday to Friday

September 2023

Coming Features

Front and Back distances to green functionality (Release date Mar '24)

Soon the front, back and to pin(middle) will show in the GPS

Private Competitions Functionality (Release date Dec '23)

NearPin functionality (Release date Dec '23)

SideMatch functionality (Release date Dec '23)

New Feature

Last login method saved in MiScore App

No need to remember what the login type is for MiScore App. Being logged out from MiScore App will now have saved the last login type ie Facebook, Apple, Google or Email

Bug Fixes

MiScore App Competition Registration Tee Selection ordered by Block Ordering by Difficulty

Profile name update not holding on restart of MiScore App

Updated links to MiScore APP help pages

Removing a round in Score History removes all rounds

Score History not showing latest on Android

July 2023

Bug Fixes

Social Score defaults to Male courses with gender in Personal details set as Female

Delay loading sign-in screen

Fixes for transparent text when using Android dark mode

New Feature

Score comparison bypass option if partner not available to check score

Score mismatch new design

Clubs now sorted by distance from current location

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