You can link to a document (PDF, .DOC etc) a website or an email address by using the link icon

Quick Solution

1.  From edit Screen type in text or add image that is to be linked

2.  Highlight text or click on image

3.  Click on the Link Icon

4.  Enter the URL if linking to a website page, or click on the Browse Icon to upload

5.  Click Upload Icon

6.  Navigate to document on your PC and click open

7.  Click Insert

8.  For PDFs or External Website ensure the Target is set to "New Window" then click OKAY.

Step By Step Guide

1, 2 & 3   Type in Text to be linked, highlight and click the link icon

4,  In the screen that opens enter the url or click browse icon to upload pdf or file.

5.  Click Upload Icon

6.  Find file on your local machine and choose Open

7.  Once file is uploaded click on "insert"

8.  If linking to pdf or external website, change the target to "new Window"  this stops visitors from navigating away from your website.