1. Log onto the site as a content administrator.

add2. Click on Content in the administrator bar Add New Post

Or in the editor window click on the Add New link (top left of screeen) 

title3. Adding Your Content

Type a title for your story in the Enter title bar.
Type or ‘paste from word’ your full story in the main content area. You can also load images and documents to the main content. See loading images and documents.

pasteWordpress will save a draft of your post every 5 minutes or so. However, when writing a long article it is good practice to type it up in Word, save, then copy & paste your content in. That way you will always have a version saved locally which you can re-copy.

cats4. Select the News Category

Tick the boxes where you would like your article to be published on the site. This can be more than one area. 

save5. Click on Publish or Save Draft

If you are editing an existing post the save button will say UPDATE 

publish6. Publishing Options

Publish - This will publish the post onto the website into the category(s) that you selected. These can always be updated if required.

Edit Publish Status – select draft or pending review.

Visibility – by default leave as public

Private - hides links from everyone

Password – Users must have a password to view a post

Schedule publish date - edit date and time to be go live. Default is immediately.

Note: Time is currently set to GMT (UTC – 0) So calculate your expiry time accordingly. 

feature7. Feature Image Option

By default the first image in your story is used as a thumbnail .You can set an optional image that will appear as a thumbnail to the left of your story.