1. Creating an Event

To create a new event simply click the ‘Add New’ sub-menu on the Events menu bar in your admin area.

The ‘Add New Event’ looks and behaves almost identically to the standard wordpress ‘post’. One noticeable difference is the ‘Event Details’ meta-box, which is used to give the event a date (or a series of dates if it reoccurs) and (optionally) a venue. Note: Venues cannot be created on this page.

2. How to fill in the Event Details

First choose a start and end date/time for your event. If the event is to reoccur, this is the date/time of the firstoccurrence. By clicking on the relevant input areas a date/time picker should appear. If you enter date or times manually, make sure the date is in the format as shown. This format can be altered in the Event Organiser settings page.

Next select the appropriate ‘reoccurrence’ for your event. If applicable, extra options will appear on selecting a reoccurrence. For example, if your event reoccurs ‘weekly’ then you can select on which days of the week. A summary at the bottom will indicate how the event will repeat with the current settings.

Note: Make sure you select an end date. After this date, no further reoccurrence dates will be added. If you do not choose a date, it will default to the event’s first start date and therefore only occur once.

3. Creating a Venue

To create a new venue click the ‘Venue’ sub-menu on the Events menu bar in your admin area. This displays a table of currently saved Venues. To create a new one, simply click ‘Add New’ at the top of the page.

The only required field is the venue name. When the address, postcode or country inputs loose focus, the plug-in uses Google Maps to find the latitude-longtitude co-ordinates of the venue and displays it on the map. These are stored and can be used to display venue maps.

Since 1.6 you can create a venue from within the event edit page by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to the venue drop-down.