Every 2 weeks members handicap values will need to be downloaded from DotGolf and imported into MiClub. This can be achieved using the following process:

1. Download handicaps from DotGolf

Login to the DotGolf system and download the members handicap values by selecting the Download Member Handicaps (Slope.csv) from the Members section.

Ensure this file is saved in a known file destination as it will be required to be located in the next step.

2. Import handicap values into MiClub system

Log in to the MiClub system and navigate to Membership > Member Directory > Utilities > Handicap Upload

Select the Choose File option and locate the file you just downloaded from DotGolf. Select the file format in which the file is arranged (GolfUnion No, Exact Handicap) and the separator (comma).

Once these parameters have been selected choose the Upload option and the system will update all member handicaps in the file.