The MiClub product has been updated to accommodate more than the traditional 'Active' and 'Inactive' membership statuses with additional statuses now being able to be added. Popular statuses which can be added include 'Suspended' and 'Account on Hold', statuses can be viewed, added and configured using the below steps.

Accessing Membership Statuses

The membership statuses section of the MiClub product can be accessed by selecting Membership > Membership Statuses


The page which is displayed will show the currently configured statuses and will allow new statuses to be added.

*Before adding a new membership status please contact MiClub support as some elements of the new status creation process can be automated*

Adding a Membership Status

A new membership status can be added by selecting the Add Status option.

This function will allow you to name the new status, once you have named the status name select Create.

The new status type will appear in the list of available statuses.

Configuring Membership Statuses

Membership statuses can be configured to allow certain functions to be completed whilst others are restricted such as the ability to login and to book. Each status can be configured to allow for the circumstances the club would like to occur. To change the the selected option select the function which is to be changed on the applicable status.

Enabling Statuses in Booking Rules

Following the creation and configuration of new membership statuses further booking restrictions can be implemented via booking rules. If no action is taken within the booking rules section all statuses will be allowed to book (example below).

If a membership status is selected within the booking rule all other statuses will be excluded from booking (example below). This works in-conjunction with the 'Can Book' setting in the membership status. 


This allows clubs to allow a membership status to make booking but only on certain days and times.