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List of Extra Fields in Create/Edit Member

Security Role(s) - Root, Membership Administrator

Fields Description
General Details

Post Title For addressing mail, letters Max 16 characters Mr J Smith
Profession Profession of member Modifiable to display any personal details Business Owner
Business Name Business Owned or Employed Modifiable to display any personal details
Smith & Co
Membership Details

Parent Membership Number Link as a parent/child record.   Membership number of linked record Parent/Child or Husband/Wife relationships
Nine Hole Member Can book into nine hole rows only Enabled
Storage Locker     To print location of clubs/cart on daily timesheet. Assists club staff in setting up member clubs Max 8 characters Exact location of clubs in storage
Membership Status De-activates member from system.  Cannot login to site and bookings cannot be made Active or Inactive
Member can only be found when selecting Non Active in search
Employed At

Smith & Co
First Aider

Financial to Date Date membership expires, member is made inactive +1 day after. Can also set Grace days Manual update or Micropower Integration Please contact MiClub Help to enable manual update if no membership integration present
Photo Upload of Member Image

User Login Details

Account Status Restricts member from logging onto web site Active or Inactive
Security Code For club specific swipe cards
Add the security code in the magnetic strip
Security Role Assign either as Member or Administrator Associate a security role when set to Administrator
My Days Days of week member has filtered in Fixture view

Other Details

Representing Country     Select a country for International members/visitors Flag of country displays on leaderboard Scotland
Representing NON GOLF Link members/visitors form international country Club name for visitors displays on timesheet St Andrews Golf Club
Owns Golf Cart Member owns own golf cart A red cart icon will display on timesheet bookings

Requires Club Cart A cart will be added to all bookings.  Booking not accepted if no available carts in fleet Member doesn't then need to book equipment at time of booking
Telephone Details

Work & Emergency Extra telephone contacts

Accept SMS If SMS module enabled text messages will be sent SMS messages can be sent from contact, timesheet, lesson diary and wait list
Member Tags

Member Tag Add tags for trigger/email marketing Grouping of like members Vets, Committee, Volunteer