Create Member (Basic)

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Create a member in the directory with basic/minimum requirements to associate a GOLF Link number

Security Role(s) - Root, Membership

Quick Process

  1. Select {Directory} --> [Create Member]
  2. General Details
    • Title
    • First & Last Name
    • Preferred Name (Displays for all member views ie Leaderboards, Card printing etc)
    • Birth Date
    • Gender
  3. Membership Details
    • Membership Number (Use next button that have no integrated membership system)
    • Join Date
    • Membership Type
  4. User Login Details
    • Username (same as Membership number)
    • Password & Confirm Password
      Passwords minimum of 7 characters including at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number & 1 special character.
      Suggest use combination of club abbreviated title, member day of birth and symbol
      ie Silver Creek Golf Club(SGGC), member day of birth(DDMM) 3rd June(0306) and a symbol(1)
      Sample password - Scgc0306!
  5. Home Details (GOLF Link card delivery address)
    • Address Line 1
    • Suburb
    • Postcode
    • State
    • Country
  6. Email Details
    • Email Address
  7. Telephone Details
    • Contact (Home)
    • Mobile
  8. [Insert]
  9. Success now follow next step to allocate/assign GOLF Link number  GOLF Link Management (Basic) 
  10. Refer to Create Member (Advanced) for other features

Step-by-Step Process

1. Directory --> Create Member

2 to 7. Minimum information required for new member with GOLF Link number

Select images to view sample of details to be entered

General Details

First Name & Last Name appear on GOLF Link card, Preferred Name is displayed on timesheets, reports etc and select Birth Date with date icon

Membership Details

Use Next button to allocate next available membership
number, select Membership Type from list and select
Join Date with date icon
User Login Details

Username should be same as Membership Number and Passwords must now be a minimum of 7 characters long and include at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number & 1 special character. Example: Scgc0306!

Home Details

Enter address, new GOLF Link card will be sent to this address. GOLF Link cards will not be delivered to international addresses. Please have delivered to club and forward or hold for collection
Email Details

Email address - essential for forgotten password, booking reminders and club communications
Telephone Details

Fill in the Contact(home) and/or mobile. Mobile number is used for SMS module sending SMS for wait list, timesheet and individual SMS comunications

8. Select [Insert] when complete

9. Refer to GOLF Link Management (Basic) to allocate/assign GOLF Link number

10. Refer to Create Member (Advanced) for other features

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