There is no limit to the number of email/letter templates you can create and save in the data base. Each letter can be created to include a header, body and footer.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Search for an individual member
  • From the Member List View screen, select Mail from the main menu
    • This will open the Mail screen
  • Select the Create/Edit icon located bottom of screen
  • Enter the name of your letter in the window, select OK
    • This action will take you to the Edit Letter section
  • There is an option to Create/Edit a letter header, body and footer
  • Select the Create/Edit icon and type the letter content in the edit content window
  • Enter the name of the header, body or footer in the available field
  • Select Save
    • Use the Insert option to add personalised fields in the letter content
    • Each time a new letter header, body or footer is created it will become available for selection in the respective drop menus to apply to other letter templates
  • Select Save Letter
    • This will return you to the Mail screen, your letter is saved and can be used to send to an individual or a group of members

Member List View

Mail Screen

Edit Letter Section - options to create/edit Header, Body and Footer

Edit Content View - use the Insert fields to personalise letters

Edit Letter Section - view letter content, Save Letter

Mail Screen - letter now saved and available in drop menu which can be previewed and printed or emailed