Quick Process

  • Build a search of members with outstanding invoices 
    • i.e. Search by Membership Type, Outstanding Invoice Amount
      • add additional search criteria as required
    • Save the Search 

  • From the members List View screen, select the Financials (Invoice) icon on the main menu

  • Select the Invoices tab
  • Tick the Use Search Results check box
    • This will include only the members listed in the Search
    • Tick the Exclude Payment Plan check box  - this will exclude any member in the Search on a payment
  • Select all members in the invoice list (use Control, A on your keyboard)
  • Select the Mail icon from the main menu 

  • The system will output the invoices (this may take a few minutes) and open the Mail screen
  • Create a new letter or select an existing letter from the drop menu
  • Select Preview Emails

  • Enter an email subject in the Preview window
  • Select Send

Note: Before you preview your emails, you can remove a member from the Mailing List:

  • Select the member you want to remove
  • Select the Remove Selected icon