The reporting section of the MiClub product has received a face lift to bring the user interface into line with the majority of the MiClub product. During this refresh the opportunity has been as taken to enhance the contents of the reports, add report scheduling and increase the security of reports.       

New Interface

The new interface arranges the reports into report categories including Bookings, Financials, Members, Integration and Custom. This allows club administrators easy access to the report they are looking to run.

Report Scheduling

Each report has an envelope icon under the 'Options' column which will allow reports to be automatically sent to nominated email addresses at certain defined intervals. 

To create a new report schedule select the 'Create New Scheduled Delivery' option from the top right hand corner and enter the required scheduling information. Once configured the selected report will send at the set interval to the nominated email address.


Security has been enhanced within the reports interface with each report restricted to the users which have been granted access. This access can be granted by selecting the shield icon in the 'Options' column (NOTE: Only root administrators can assign access to run reports).


Admin accounts can be assigned to the report using the 'Find User' option at the top of the page. Once access has been granted the admin user will be able to run the assigned reports.