Great Scores report data of player scores of:

  • albatross
  • eagles
  • birdies
  • pars 

 Quick Process

  1. Select {Competition} --> [Setup] --> [Great Scores Report]
  2. Select Parameters
    • Course 
    • Start and end date specification
    • Gender
    • Handicap range 
    • Home Club
      • Home - Members
      • Home and  Away - members and visitors
    • Age range
    • Inc no DOB will include visitors
    • Hole Pars and Pars
    • Output to CSV(Spreadsheet) or HTML(Screen)
  3. Review

Step-by-Step Process

1. Select Competition icon


2.Select Setup then Great Scores Report



3. Enter parameters


  • Select specific course or all will include all scores
Date Range


Handicap Range
  • Use + to include plus handicaps
Home Club
  • Home and Away
  • Home
  • Away
Age Range and Inc No DOB
  • Inc No DOB will include visitor scores

Inc Hole Pars and Inc Pars
Output as html(screen) or csv(spreadsheet)

4. Example of great scores report as an HTML

5. Example of great scores report as an excel file