Competition - Create for event with booking times (Basic)

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Add a competition to an event

Quick Process

  1. Open Timesheet
  2. Select [Competitions] --> [Add Competition]
  3. Add 'General Details' and select 'Parameters'
  4. Update 'Scorecard' options and select 'Course Details'
  5. Add 'Advanced Options', 'Prizes' and 'Eclectic'
  6. Submit

Step-by-Step Process


1 & 2. Open Timesheet then select 'Competitions' and 'Add Competition'

3. Add General Details and select Parameters

  • Select Template
    • Created competition templates save time when setting up competitions by pre-filling information for regular competitions.  
      Access the link to add/edit templates or from the Competitions page select Setup --> Competition Templates 
  • Add Competition Name
    • Appears on Results pages and leaderboard titles
  • Add Short Description
    • Can be printed onto scorecards
  • Select Player(s)
    • 1 for Singles events eg Stroke, Par, Stableford
    • 2 for Pairs events eg 4BBB, Foursomes, Combined
    • 3 or 4 for Team events eg Ambrose, Irish Team etc
  • Parameters
    • Gender - Male, Female or All(Medley/Mixed)
    • Members Only
    • GOLF Link Competition for Stroke, Par, Stableford or 4BBB events using 4BBB cards
    • Register Players Indvidually
      • Yes - Will require players tio be manually registered at Kiosk or by Staff
      • No - Will register all eligible players to when 'Compition' changed from Pending to Open
    • Walk-In Comp
      • Yes - On registration at kiosk player will be added to the competition
      • No - TO register for competition player to be booked into timesheet

4. Update Course Selection and select options for Scoring & Scorecard

  • Hole Count
    • 18 Holes or 9 Holes
  • Golf Course
  • Men Default Tee
  • Ladies Default Tee
  • Scorecard
    • Use singles cards for
      • Stroke, Par, Stableford, Team Events with multiple scores per hole, 4BBB events(no handicapping)
    • Use 4BBB cards for
      • 4BBB Nett Stroke, 4BBB Par, Four Ball Stableford
    • Use Foursomes Cards for:
      • Foursomes, Canadian Foursomes, American Foursomes
    • Use Ambrose  cards for 
      • Ambrose in pairs - 2 player ambrose card
      • Ambrose in 3's or 4's - 4 player card
  • Tie Resolution
    • Countback - All leaderboard positions are determined using Golf Australia Countback method
    • Tee Time - Earliest tee time is displayed higher on leaderboard for tied scores (use for seeded rounds)
  • Grade Separations (how to..)
    • Select a Template
    • Edit a Template
    • Create New Template

5. Add Advanced Options, Prizes and Eclectic

  • 4 Ball Groupings
    • All Groupings
    • Mixed by Gender Position
    • Mixed by Gender Position No Swingers
    • Mixed Groupings
  • Fees
    • Add the fee for the member entry. Used for:
      • Calculating total collected for prizes allocation
      • Integration with membership systems to auto-charge accounts on competition closing
      • Export of members and fees available form competitions screens
  • Handicap 
    • Minimum Handicap
    • Maximum Handicap
    • GA or Daily
    • Auto Adjust Handicap will reduce handicap of players to maximum that exceed the maximum.  Players with adjusted handicap will be handicapped to normal handicap.
  • Time
    • Players can only be registered in the competition when booked on timesheet between the selected times
  • Age
    • Only players aged within range can be registered
    • Ideal for junior and seniors events
  • Live Scoring
    • Live Scoring module required - scores are input hole-by-hole
  • Social Competition
    • Scores are handicapped on the Scratch Rating of course played.  ie no DSR
  • Print from Kiosk
    • Yes - Cards are printed form kiosk on registration
    • No - Cards are not printed on registration at kiosk.  Useful for pre-printed scorecards or team events
  • Prize Information
    • Select Prize Allocation Templates from Drop Down or
    • Manage Prizes button to change a prize allocation template
  • Eclectic
    • Include eclectic competitions to be updated when competition is closed

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