Promo Code - Create a Promo Code

Modified on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 at 10:38 AM

Quick Steps

  1. Admin portal
  2. Vouchers > Create Promo Codes
  3. Go Through Creating Promo Code Process
  4. Confirm Sending To Recipient(s) 

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: (Admin Portal) 

To learn the process start from the ADMIN PORTAL (the first page you see when logged in)

Step 2: (Vouchers > Create Voucher)

Select VOUCHERS which is located in the top tab line of the admin portal page, then in the drop down that appears select CREATE PROMO CODE

Step 3: (Go Through Creating Promo Codes Process)

- General details: fill out the general details of the promo code, name of code, what message is going with this, what the code is and the calculation method of the code and how much of a discount the code will be for (you may also set an expiry method and a maximum quantity allowed)

-Usage options: you can set parameters and conditions of use for the Promo Code on this page

- Recipients: this is where you select who is to receive the promo code or who may see it on the specials page

You may select by three methods, an individual person, a membership category or a communication list.

(see the create communication list manual to learn more about this option)

-Delivery methods: choose the parameters/location of delivery (how, when, where)

Note: Specials page will list the promo code on the clubs special page for viewing

Step 4: (Confirm Sending To Recipients)

The promo code will then be sent to recipient(s) or listed on the specials page.

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