Setup timesheets to automatically reserve the crossover or turnaround time for second nine to be played.

Ideal for 9, 27 or 36 hole courses to manage all daily tee times.

Quick Process

  1. Ensure rows are setup for 9 and 18 hole times
  2. Select [Configure Event]--> [Manage Groups]
  3. Turnarounds [Add] 
    1. Select [Front Group] - 1st nine to play
    2. Select [Back Group] - 2nd nine to play
    3. Enter [Turnaround Time] - Time to play 1st nine
    4. Enter [Max Wait Time] - System will look for time within entered time range if other reservations around same time
    5. [Save]
  4. Complete for start from each tee ie 1st tee start and then 10th tee start
  5. When making booking
    1. Select [Number of Holes]
    2. Select [Back Nine] to play

From Support Site


Turnaround Times User Guide

Available From version 40.7 (April 2015) Summary: Clubs or teesheets that need to maximize the course availability can use turnaround time bookings to assist in the management of this. Download Version 40.7 Manual here

The concept is based around a teesheet that has all possible tee times listed and 18 hole players have their crossover times reserved out at time of booking. 9 Hole players will now be highlighted as such and provide guidance to operators on where to place walk up 9 hole players.

For courses that only have 9 holes, the visibility of who and when crossover players are likely to come through is invaluable.

For 27 hole courses, it provides structure in positioning players crossover times to certain back nine groups. Also there is the ability to restrict certain rows to 9, 18 or mix of hole play to further control the allocation of players. Note: a club may wish to use turnaround times for the purpose of monitoring playing times at the half way house for comp days and not utilize 9 hole bookings which is possible.

Setup Guide Enable Property turnaround.enable to true to activate New templates will need to be created for existing clients who which to utilize tournaround bookings.

9 / 18 Hole options will only appear within a row settings if the resource is enabled as Golf Resource under the resource setting. Manage Group structure – 1st & 10th, 19th Setup times from each group accordingly keeping in mind turn around times.

Apply appropriate length of play and max wait times Add turnaround – select the group structures i.e. 1st tee to 10th tee, 10th to 1st tee 9 Hole or 18 Hole Length of play ? In the row settings is 9 or 18 hole option, select if required. Warning message: “unavailable crossover time. Play nine holes instead or cancel and select another tee time.”

Configuring rows for 9 or 18 Hole bookings.

Under edit Row details now includes an option to identify the length of play on the booking – either 9 holes only, 18 holes only or 9 & 18 Holes.

When both are selected, an option to the user will be available so they can determine the length of play they which to do and if applicable 27hole courses; a selection of which back 9 to play off from.


Shifting player of group sizes – must match to prevent splitting of groups

External Booking support – turnaround works for external booking from QGC however the identification of 9 hole and disabling crossover booking will require some attention.

Swap/move bookings with crossovers will require manual selection and movement of the crossover booking record as well.

Timesheet templates:

If you want admin to see the crossover times only (hidden to members) then ensure that designated crossover times are set to status of ‘inactive’