WHS will be introduced into the Australian Golf market from 30th January 2020

Attachments: Communication Sent from Golf Australia  and List of Full Regulations

Important Dates:

Golflink and Handicapping Communication will be disabled from the 27th through to the 30th January 2020

On the 30th of Jan, Golflink will be turned back on state by state and MiClub will configure your Tier 3 Competition Management modules to match the new GolfLink API that supports WHS. 

Important Recommendations: 

Please ensure any comps run prior to the 27th Jan are finalised. 

Comps can be still held during the offline period however certain functions will not be available - i.e. visitor handicap lookup for example and score submission. These comps can be sent once Golflink returns online.

We may need to advise that comps held between the offline period and run manually in case we need to make system changes to accommodate the WHS. We'll use the admin portal noticeboard for any communication in this area. 

Key Considerations: 

Handicaps up to 54 can be support in WHS however it is up to the clubs discretion on whether you support players in comps up to this value. MiClub have an adjusted Daily hcap function in the comp setup which can be utilised to cap handicaps in comps. i.e. if a Male members daily handicap is now over 36 when registering into a comp, you can max it at this value still. 

MiClub will only max out the Daily Handicap to 54 as we only support up to 3 indexes. 

Daily Handicap Calculation Change.

From the 30th Jan, the formula to work out a players Daily hcap will be changed. MiClub will adopt this update from this date so there is nothing the clubs needs to do further. 

DSR to PCC - At the completion of a comp, currently a DSR is returned from Golflink and displayed in results sheets. 

This will be updated to a PCC value that can range from 3 to -2.