Ballots - Admin Setup, Member Process and Demonstration Videos

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Ballots is a new feature (Oct 2021) to collect member entries to be drawn into a future timesheet. Ballots is an alternative to Lottery ad other methods of member bookings for some or all timesheets. Most effective when member demand for tee times exceed tee time availability

All days and times appearing below are suggestions. All settings can be changed by timesheets. Any of the images and videos can be used for member communications, attached is an editable spreadsheet file of the below timeline that can be updated with new days and times.


  1.   In Brief

  2.   Demonstration Video Series

  3.   What's New

  4.   Full Process

  5.   Extra Info and Resources

Ballot to Timesheet Phase

A.   In Brief

  1. Admin Setup
    1. Admin creates a linked Ballot to a Timesheet
    2. Add a Group 'Ballot' and a single row
    3. Apply relevant booking rule to row
    4. View Daily Fees
    5. Allow visitor bookings if permitted

  2. Ballot Phase - 15 to 8 days
    1. Event automatically reverts status - Ballot
    2. Ballot now ready to accept entries from members
    3. Members select Ballot and add their entry with playing partners also setting time preferences
    4. All members added to a ballot entry receive an confirmation of Ballot Entry email
    5. Ballot closes and automatically reverts status - Locked @ 3pm

  3. Draw Phase - 8 days prior 3 to 4pm
    1. Admin reviews Ballot entries
    2. On timesheet add reserved, committee, sponsor etc bookings
    3. On timesheet inactive rows will not be populated in ballot
    4. Selects Utilities > Ballot Draw to randomly allocate entries from Ballot to Timesheet based on member selected time preferences
    5. Groups of 1, 2 or 3 are automatically consolidated if ballot oversubscribed and time preferences match. 
    6. Groups of 4 will not be split if no available full row, will be sent as a group to the Wait List

  4. Confirmation Phase - 8 days prior @ 4pm
    1. Admin reviews the timesheet to Ballot Draw
    2. Add equipment bookings
    3. If required check-in members to deduct points
    4. Members receive an email for a confirmation of booking if successful
    5. Members receive an email for wait-list notification if not successful
  5. Booking Phase - 8 to 0 days prior
    1. Timesheet automatically reverts status - Open
    2. Members can view, delete or update wait list preference times
    3. Members can add cart bookings

What happens to a members Ballot entry when Ballot Draw is conducted:

  • Time available within their preference 
    • Allocated a tee time 
    • If less than full row may be consolidated with other ballots ie 2 + 2 = 4, 1 + 2 + 1 = 4, 1 + 3 = 4, 3 + 1 = 4, 2 + 1 = 3 etc
  • No time available based on time preference
    • Ballot entry added to the Wait List or 
    • Allocated a tee time if outside time preference
  • The timesheet Event History displays the order of ballot to book, wait list

B.   Demonstration Video Series

Ballot (2021) Member Entry

Ballot (2021) Create & Configure

Ballot (2021) to Draw

C.    What's New 

  • B+ icon - Link a new Ballot to a Timesheet
  • B icon - Quick access a linked Ballot
  • New Type of Event - Ballot Bookings marks the event as a Ballot
  • New Event Status - Ballot to accept entries when a Timesheet is linked to a Ballot
  • Within Timehseet - Link Ballot to Timesheet
  • Within Timesheet/Ballot - Go to Linked Timesheet/Ballot
  • Unlink Event - To unlink a Ballot from a Timesheet

Setup considerations

  • Major changes
    • Do we want members to do similar
    • Do we want members to use the timesheets as their 'golf' calendar
    • How are we going to communicate this change to members
  • When does a Ballot open
    • Week in advance of Ballot Draw
    • Month in advance of Ballot Draw 
    • Three months of Ballots 
    • Whole year available as Ballot
  • When does a Ballot close
    • Hour before Ballot Draw
    • Day before Ballot Draw
  • What time does a Ballot close
    • During office hours
    • Outside office hours - not advisable
  • What time is Ballot Draw processed
    • During office hours
    • Outside office hours - not advisable
  • When is Equipment added
    • Admin add required carts after Ballot Draw 
    • Members add carts after Open
  • Timesheet Draw
    • Apply correct Booking Rules
    • Review Auto Open

Parameters to consider

  • Allow other members to join a ballot group
    A members has added a ballot entry with three or less players, the member has the option of not allowing others to join the entry when status of timesheet is 'Ballot'
  • Restrict Members to only one ballot per day (Advise MiClub help to enable setting for one member booking/entry per day

D.    Full Process

1. Admin Setup

Link a Ballot to a Timesheet

  • Select Fixtures 
  • Select B+ icon on right of screen to Add and Link a Ballot or Enter the Timesheet select Configure Event > Link Timesheet to a Ballot > Create new Ballot for this Timesheet
  • A new event screen appears with details pre-populated from the Timesheet including
    • Ballot added to Title
    • Type of Event as Ballot Bookings
    • Same date as Timesheet
    • Naming examples below
      • Wednesday PM field Stableford 12.30pm Shotgun Start Ballot  
      • Wednesday All Day Stableford AM Ballot
    • Set Auto-Open to change Event Status to Ballot
      • Consider how long wanting members to book ahead of the timesheet draw eg.
        • Draw is normally 8 days prior at 2pm, allow 7 days to arrange groups so auto-open 15 days 00:00
        • Allow members to plan a month ahead auto-open 31 days 00:00
        • Allow members to use the ballot as their calendar auto-open 180 days 06:00
  • Set Auto-Close to remove from view of members in readiness to conduct Ballot Draw
    • Best to Auto-Close Ballot during business hours ie 1 to 3 pm to conduct Ballot Draw prior to at 4pm
    • Allow time for admin to review Timesheet and merge bookings into groups of 4
    • For 8 days prior set to 8 days 13:00
  • Select Save

Add a Group

  • Select Add Group or Configure Event > Manage Groups
    • Add as familiar name as this will appear in the members' My Information ie.
      • Ballot
      • Registration
      • AM Ballot
      • PM Ballot
    • Select correct Course if required, generally required for 27 or 36 hole courses or clubs with multiple resources
    • Only need one group

Add a Row

  • Select Add Row
  • No need to change time as this will not display anywhere to the member
  • Only need a single row as this is the master row
  • A rows will be created automatically as members add a Ballot entry
  • Submit

Apply Row Specifics

  • Select Row > Edit Rows > Edit Rows
  • Edit Row Setup
    • Review number of cells normally 3 or 4 or 6 for foursomes
    • Review maximum bookings
    • Allow visitors
      • Set to 1, 2 or 3
      • If max one visitor per member in group of 4 set 
        • Visitors max to 2 
        • Visitors per member to 1
  • Apply Booking Rules 
    • If requiring restrictions ie Full members
    • Only require one booking rule
    • Restricted members will be able to book through the Timesheet after Ballot Draw as the scheduled booking rules still apply
  • Submit


  • Any fee applied to a booking ie Points or Dollars will be added to a Ballot entry but not charged
  • A points member must have enough points to allow a Ballot entry
  • Review associated Fees in Fees > View Daily Fees
  • Equipment 
    • Carts and other Hires cannot be added on the Ballot
    • Carts can be added by members and admin to bookings after the Ballot Draw in the Timesheet
    • Admin can add carts for Member Required after the Ballot Draw and before Timesheet opens
    • Setup Cart Required members with a medical certificate in their Member Profile to easily identify those requiring medical carts


  • Create a Ballot Template to automate the above process
  • Coming Bulk Upload of Ballot Events and Bulk Apply Template

2. Ballot Phase - 15 to 8 days prior

Member Entry

  • Select Enter Ballot
    • Add Default Playing Group if set
    • Add Members in each cell
    • Add Playing Partners
    • Add Visitors (if permitted)
  • Add Earliest and Latest start times - if entry is balloted to wait list these times will be set for wait list also
  • Only book me if my preferred time is matched -  Entries balloted out of preferred time range will be moved to wait list not other times
  • Allow others to join my ballot booking, on by default - No other members can add themselves to the ballot entry 
  • All members added to a ballot entry receive Ballot Entry confirmation email

Admin Notes

  • For Points members Ballot entries cannot be added if insufficient points at time of entry
  • Fees applicable will display and will require payment on day of play or by admin prior, member cannot pre-pay any fees
  • No carts can be added to a Ballot entry
  • Members can:
    • Return and remove themselves or the whole group
    • Cannot add a Ballot entry without themselves as part of entry also
    • Cannot have multiple entries on the same Ballot
    • Cannot have a ballot in a AM and PM ballot on same day by default

Members - My Information (New Feature)

New calendar view of upcoming bookings and ballot entries

Member can easily view

  • Next event with booking or ballot details and others in booking
  • See any future bookings or ballot entries
  • Quickly go to the booking or ballot entry

3. Draw Phase - 8 days prior 3 to 4pm

  • Ballot auto-closes and timesheet reverts status - Locked
  • Club staff review the Timesheet for the Ballot Draw, ensuring any rows are reserved for committee, sponsors etc
  • Inactive rows will not be populated from the Ballot
  • The Draw
    • Select Utilities then Ballot Draw
    • Ensure the correct timesheet in the drop-down. Ballot and Timesheet need to have same event date
      • If players are not to go to wait list unselect 'Add groups who missed the draw in to waitlist'
      • If only wanting to add the booker ie Cell 1 to wait list select 'Only add creator of ballot group into waitlist' - NB. VERY SPECIFIC SETTING
    • Select Draw. Be careful Ballot Draw cannot be undone and Ballot Field cannot be reused as the original Ballot entry is converted to a 'Non-member' record like a Reserved cell
  • Groups will be randomised using in-built accredited software ie no preferential ranking and allocated a booking within preferred time range, sent to wait list if selected in entry to not want to play any other time range or allocated another time outside preference
  • Ballot entries will be automatically consolidated if over-subscribed in order of draw and time preferences of entries match ie.
    • 4 with 3 + 1
    • 4 with 2 + 2
    • 4 with 2 + 1 + 1
    • 4 with 1 + 1+ 1 +1
    • 3 with 1 + 1 + 1
    • 3 with 2 + 1
    • 2 with 1 + 1
  • Any groups missing a tee time will be placed in order of their allocation ie group 37 in a 36 group field will fill the first four spots on the wait list

Admin - Review Draw in Timesheet

  • Review the timesheet
  • Add any Cart Bookings for Required Cart members
  • Check Utilities > Event History for order of allocation for ballot entries

4. Confirmation Phase - 8 days prior @ 4pm

  • Admin reviews the timesheet to Ballot Draw
  • Add equipment bookings
  • If required check-in members to deduct points
  • Members receive an email for a confirmation of booking if successful
  • Members receive an email for wait-list notification if not successful

5. Booking Phase - 8 days @4 pm to 0 days prior

  • Timesheet automatically reverts status - Open
  • Members can view, delete or update wait list preference times
  • Members can add cart bookings

Please use any of the images and videos in communications to members. Videos can be embedded into a member post by right clicking the video and copying the embed video link.

Refer to Sample Member communications article for more specific instruction for members

Attached is spreadsheet file for below ballot timeline, days and times can be altered then take a screenshot of the image to post into member communications

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