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New Ballots for Future Golf Bookings

We are experiencing very high levels of booking demand recently on some of our more popular weekly events.

Club management has reviewed the current process and investigated alternative booking solutions with an outcome to implement online Ballots for our heavily contested timesheets.

Ballots has been developed by our software partner MiClub to address the perception of fairness and eliminate the rush to book in at the same time on our busiest timesheets

Key Benefits:

  • Fairest process for managing high demand
  • Provides all eligible members with equal opportunity to gain a tee time during Ballot Phase
  • A relaxed and friendly experience with not having to be in front of PC or on a device at a set time to add yourself and playing partners
  • Selecting a preferred playing time in a specific range (e.g., 11:20am-12:00pm)
  • Completely randomised tee time allocation during the Draw Phase based on your preferred tee times and selections
  • Emails sent for Confirmation of a Tee Time booking or Notification of Wait List email sent to members at Confirmation Phase and simultaneously timesheet Opens

The Ballot Process

1.         Ballot Phase - 15 to 8 days prior to event

The Ballot will open 15 days prior and close 8 days prior at 3:00pm.  Members will have a week to confirm their playing partners and to add an entry to the Ballot.  

A ballot entry is similar to a timesheet booking with member's selecting Enter Ballot rather than tee and time.  Add playing partners and select preferred tee times.  Each member can only have one ballot entry so only one player in a group needs to add the ballot entry.

A member cannot add any more than one ballot entry and must be part of the entry.

A Ballot entry confirmation email for all players entered will be sent when an entry is received into the Ballot.  There is no wait list for the Ballot so members can alter their ballot entry right up to closing time.

2.         Draw Phase - 8 days prior to event at 3pm

Club admin manages the automated ballot draw, no preferential tee times for any ballot entry excepting reserved tee times for committee.  Groups of 1, 2 or 3 may be automatically consolidated into groups of 4 dependent on demand and entries with same time preferences.

3.         Confirmation Phase - 8 days prior to event at 4pm

The timesheet status is Open, with emails dispatched for booking confirmation or wait-list notification. Members have access to the Open timesheet to view and edit their booking/wait list entry.

4.         Booking Phase - 8 to 0 days prior

Timesheet at Open until day of competition as normal to view, book or cancel as normal and add a cart to booking. Restricted members have no access to the ballot and can add their names to vacant spots or wait list when booking rules permit

Instructions on how to make a ballot booking are available on the Club Website and can also be accessed here

Sample Ballot Instruction - Create another Post and link in the above post/newsletter

Ballot Entry Instruction

  1. View Golf Bookings page on Club Website on PC or mobile device
  2. ON PC select BALLOT on date of event, on mobile select Details then Enter Ballot
  3. BALLOT available from 15 days prior to event
    1. Timesheet will display as LOCKED Status will display prior to BALLOT, there is no countdown timer
    2. BALLOT closes at 3pm, 8 days prior to event
    3. Timesheet changes to BOOK at 4pm, 8 days prior to event
  4. To add a Ballot Entry
    1. Select ENTER BALLOT
    2. BOOK GROUP to join another entry

  5. Book yourself and playing partners up to group of 4
    1. Ballot entry preferences
      1. Set tee time preference
        Set your EARLIEST START TIME and LATEST START TIME preferences. Similar to current Wait List preference
      2. Only book me if my preferred time is matched
        If preferred time not matched the entry will go to the wait list not another available time, wait list will have the same preferred time)
      3. Allow others to join my ballot
        This locks your ballot entry for incomplete groups, you may wish to add a member to complete the group before ballot closes. NB enabling this setting will not stop other members being added to your booking at the draw or after timesheet opens

  6. To alter the players in a Ballot entry you have made delete the players and book in new players. You cannot change the preferences of a ballot entry after completing entry. Please delete all players and select Enter Ballot to add a replacement ballot entry

  7. All players entered into a Ballot will receive a Ballot Entry confirmation email

  8. When timesheet changes to OPEN all players will receive either a Booking Confirmation email or a Wait List Notification email 8 days prior at 4pm


Carts cannot be added to a Ballot entry, club staff will ensure a cart is added to bookings for Cart Required members. However please review your booking when timesheet opens to ensure a cart has been added to your booking.


  1. If I'm first in ballot do I have priority?
    No, all ballot entries have the same opportunity to obtain a preferred tee time. So there's no need to rush to add a ballot entry.

  2. Will I be allocated the first tee time in my time preference>
    You will be allocated a random time within your preferred time range

  3. If I book in a group of 3 and miss out on a tee time will our group be split up into 2's or 3's?
    Groups will not be split if no available tee time or all in ballot entry not complete a 4, all players will go to wait list. Players can choose to remove themselves from the wait list and take up an available tee time

  4. Why cannot add a cart into my ballot entry?
    Carts are not added to ballot entries, members that are automatically allocated will have cart added during Ballot Draw. Carts can be added when timesheet status is Open

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