Import future events directly into the web site. Complete the fixture template spreadsheet and save as a CSV then the booking templates can be attached.

Quick Process

  1. Download and complete spreadsheet(CSV)
  2. Upload at Events --> Import Events
  3. Preview Events and Upload
  4. Apply booking templates to Events

Step by Step

1. Download and Complete a Spreadsheet(CSV)

Download spreadsheet for fixtures template below either for Single or Two event(s) daily. 

One Timesheet Per Day2020 to 2025
Two Timesheets Per Day2020 to 2025

Complete the spreadsheet with as much data as required, can be done monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

  • Upload of the spreadsheet will add events, not replace or edit current events.
  • Avoid using commas or apostrophes in Title and Description fields

Column A - DateColumn B - Time of DayColumn C - GenderColumn D - TitleColumn E - Description
Day of Week in dd/mm/yyyy format ie 01/01/2017
Events will not load with day of week in field ie Tue 1/1/2017
Morning or Afternoon or All day or
Twilight or

Mens or
Ladies or
Short explanation of the event up to 128 characters
Full event title will not load with comma in Title
Expanded explanation of the event up to 256 characters
Full event description will not load with comma in description

When information is complete:

  • Delete all header rows 
  • Delete all incomplete rows (ie only rows with events remain) 
  • Row One should be the first event 
  • Columns should count should only be A,B,C,D,E
  • Ensure date format is dd/mm/yyy eg 15/02/2013
  • Remove any extra columns added to assist ie day of week 
  • Save the file to computer as a CSV file(Accept all prompts when saving) 
  • Take note of where file is saved on the PC 

2. Upload Events

  • Select Events --> Import Events
  • Select + Choose and find saved CSV 

3. Preview  Events

4. Upload Events