Export and Import Timesheet between clubs for swap days, social clubs etc.  Also export timesheet to spreadsheet format that includes an editable list with:

  • Tee and start time
  • Membership Number, Name and Gender
  • Handicap, GOLF Link number and Home Club

Quick Process

  1. Export
    • Select [Utilities] --> [Export Timesheet]
    • Select method of export as (Email, XML, CSV)
      • Select Email
        • Enter email address of other club
      • Select XML
        • New browser page opens with data 
        • Right click on white area of page
        • Select [Save As] --> Save File
      • CSV
        • File will download
        • Open file with Excel or similar software
  2. Import
    •  Ensure timesheet has no groups or rows
    • Select [Utilities] --> [Import Timesheet]
      • Find file on computer
      • Submit
    • Review timesheet

Step-by-Step Process

1. Select [Utilities] --> [Export Timesheet]

2. Select File Type Exported as (Email, XML, CSV)

A new tab will then open

3.  Right click with mouse and select [Save As]

        4. Enter file name and save file

Import Timesheet

Quick Process

  1. Select [Utilities] --> [Import Timesheet 
  2. Select [Choose File]

  3. Select File from PC and select [Open]
  4. Select [Upload]

Step-by-Step Process

        1. Select [Utilities] --> [Import Timesheet

        2. Select [Choose File]

        3.  Select File from PC and select [Open]

        4. Select [Upload]

        Timesheet you selected will be imported into your current timesheet