To use the P4P Loyalty pricing module MiClub staff will first need to activate the loyalty program and configure the loyalty public membership category.

To configure a loyalty program public fee you will need to navigate to the fee management area which can be accessed by selecting Fees & Limits → Manage Fees from the fixture list page.


To add a fee category to a fee group expand the fee group by selecting the fee group name. Once expanded select the Add Fee options.


The next screen will ask for the following details of the fee:


Select Save once these fields have been completed.

The following screen will appear after the fee category has been named and allows the specifics of the fee to be configured.



Once the fee details have been configured the fee needs to be linked to the loyalty membership category. This is done by selecting the loyalty membership category from the Apply Fees to Membership Categories section.


PLEASE NOTE: If the fee is to be a loyalty fee only the Public Member membership category should be deselected.

Once the fee has been configured to the correct requirements select Save to finalise setup. The new fee that has been setup will now appear in the list of fees under the group it was assigned to.

The configured loyalty fees will only be available to the public members who have a loyalty number attached to their public player profile. All players without a loyalty number will receive that standard green fee pricing.