Export lists of members details

Use for :

  • Handicap range for pennant selection
  • List of members with contact details and excluding private information
  • Gender and Handicap reports


Quick Process

  1. Directory > Utilities > Member / Handicap Export
  2. Select 'Criteria' 
  3. Choose 'Report Content' options
  4. Run or Save

Step-by-Step Process

1.  Directory > Utilities > Member / Handicap Export


 2. Select 'Criteria'

  • Gender
    • All
    • Male
    • Female
  • GA Handicap From To
  • Handicap Status
    • All
    • Active
    • Inactive
  • Include No HC
    • Adds Visitors & Public
  • Membership Category (Hold control key to select multiple categories)
  • Home Club 
    • Home and Away
    • Home
    • Away (GOLF Link number held at other club)
  • Age Range (Members only unless DOB is saved in visitor/public records)
  • Include No DOB (will include all members, visitors and puclic with no DOB)

Selecting any of the below will only return members in those selections

  • Deleted Members
    • List only members that have been previously deleted
  • Inactive Members
    • List only members that have an Inactive membership status
  • Disabled Categories
    • List only members from Inactive membership categories


 3. Choose 'Report Content' Options

Contact Details

  • Enable to include all address and contact information except Private
  • Include Private to list all Private marked contact details
Output As

html (on Screen)


  • Remove number in field(s) not required 
  • Run Report or
  • Add template name and Save


Saved Reports

Select previously saved reports or Delete