1.Advantages of printing blank scorecards:

  • Removes the need to have an alternate 'Social' card printed
  • Can be used for corporate events
  • Social card printed specific to that days tee marker

2.How to print blank Social Cards:

  1. Access timesheet
  2. Setup Scorecard
  3. Select tee marker to be used
  4. Print blank scorecards

Step 1. Accessing the Timesheet you wish to print a scorecard from.

  1. Select 'Scorecards' > 'Setup Scorecards'
  2. Choose the Card Template (Social Card), Course and Tee Marker to be used.
  3. Save

  1. Select 'Scorecards' > 'Print Blank Scorecards'
  2. Select Course, Gender and Quantity of cards to be printed (can usually stay as mixed gender if you have selected the Social Card scorecard template)
  3. Save