MiScore - Printer Installation Guide - OKI B721DN

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Instructions to setup OKI B721 printer for MiScore card printing

OKI B721 DN when supplied by MiClub has 3-year warranty for next business day service in Metro areas.  If printer requires attention please contact MiClub Help - Golf to report issue and have Serial number of printer at hand.  MiClub staff will arrange a printer service representative to make contact direct with client to diagnose and initiate testing of unit. If unable to fix by the service telephone call a service technician will be arranged for on-site visit.

Quick Process

  1. Open box, remove printer and remove and discard all packaging and wrappings
  2. Insert scorecards into Tray 1, moving side and back guides onto position
  3. Connect Power cables and turn-on
  4. Adjust Print Settings on Print Menu
  5. Download and run Print Driver software
  6. Connect Ethernet or USB Cable
  7. Complete Print Driver Installation
  8. Open installed printer on computer
  9. Set print preferences
  10. Optional - Adjust Print Darkness/Alignment

Step-by-Step Process

Printer Setup

  • Unwrap plastic surrounding printer.


  • Open front and top doors of  the printer.


  • Remove any additional packaging within printer.
  • Push blue lever on the drum up to the 'Locked' position.


  • Remove orange bracket with orange tape attached to it.


  • Ensure blue lever is pushed down, close top and front doors.


  • Remove any additional light blue tape on the outside of the printer.
  • Open Tray 1 (bottom tray) and insert MiScore card stock local rules end first with the outside of the card facing up. Be sure to adjust tray guides to fit snug against the card stock.


  • Close tray 1


  • Insert power cord into the back of the printer.


  • Turn on printer using the power button on the front of the printer.


Print Menu Setup


  • Select Menu → Menus → Tray Configuration → Tray1 Config → Paper Size → *Cassette Size
  • Select Back → Media Type → *Card Stock
  • Select Back → Media Weight → *Ultra Heavy2
  • Select Back → Back → Auto Tray Switch → *Off
  • Select Back → Back → System Adjust → Power Save Time → *60 Minutes
  • Select Back → Sleep Time → *60 Minutes
  • Select Back → Back → Back → Back to return to the Ready screen.


Download and run Print Driver software

  • Download the print driver from here: OKI B721dn Driver
  • Once downloaded select the file to begin the installation process.


  • Work through the driver installation process until you reach the printer installation process where you will be asked for a 'Network' installation or a 'Local' installation.
  • Connect the printer to the network via a network cable or connect the printer to PC via USB cable.


  • Network Installation
    • Select the Network option
    • The printer will automatically search for the printer on the network.
    • Once found confirm the model of the printer as OKI B721(PCL) and select Next.



  •  USB Installation
    • Select the Local option
    • Confirm the model of the printer as OKI B721(PCL) and select Next.




  • Set Print Preferences
    • Navigate to Devices and Printers
    • Right click the OKI B721(PCL) printer and select Printing Preferences.
    • Adjust the driver settings to the following options: 
      • Size = A5
      • Source = Tray 1
      • Weight = Ultra Heavy2 
      • Select Paper Feed Options and Untick all boxes
      • Select Apply


  Printing preferences                




The printer and print driver should now be setup to print scorecards. Ensure at least 100 cards are printed in a row to ascertain the print quality does not diminish and the speed of the print is consistent.

Adjust Physical Printer settings (optional)

  • Print Darkness
    • On Printer
      • Select Menu → Menus → Print Adjust → Darkness (The higher the number the darker the print). 
    • On Computer
      • Navigate to Devices and Printers → Right click on the printer
      • Select Printing Preferences → Select the Job Options tab
      • Select Advanced → Check Printer Darkness (Move bar to the right to make the print darker).  
  • Print Alignment    
    • On printer
      • Select Menu → Menus → Print Adjust → Print Position Adjust → Tray 1    
  • Toner
    • Ensure blue lever is in up position

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