Unpacking Printer from box

  • Open box and discard, CD, instructions and dust flap
  • Setup up printer on desk near PC for USB or ethernet port for network connection.
  • Open front door, remove shipping packaging and take out toner and remove shipping packaging from toner 
  • Insert toner and close front door
  • Connect power cord to wall and printer, turn power on using switch at back of printer
  • On Windows 10 PC - Open Printers & Scanners from Windows start

USB Connection

  • Connect USB cable to printer and computer
  • Printer software/driver should automatically install - Samsung M332x 382x 402x Series

Go to Printer Preferences Setup below

Ethernet Connection

  • Connect Ethernet cable to printer

Print Network Configuration

  • Add A4 paper to Multi-Purpose Feeder
  • Select Printer button on Printer
  • Take note of IP Address in TCP/IPv4 Information
  • Remove A4 paper and close Multi-Purpose Feeder door

In Printers & Scanners select Add a Printers or Scanner

  • Printer may appear in list don't select the printer, wait for search to finish and select 'The printer that I want isn't listed' (image 1)
  • Select Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname
  • Change Device Type to TCP/IP Address
  • Enter IP Address from Network Configuration printout
  • Unselect Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use
  • Select Windows Update (may take a few minutes to update printer list)
  • Select Manufacturer - Samsung
  • Select Printers - Samsung M332x 382x 402x Series then Next
  • Select Replace the Current Driver
  • On Type a Printer prompt select Next or Update printer name and then Next
  • Select  Next on Do not share this printer
  • Ensure Set as Default printer is ticked then Finish

Go to Printer Preferences Setup below

Printer Preferences

  • Select Printer then Manage
  • Select Set as Default
  • Select Printing Preferences
  • Select Normal Printing
  • Select Paper tab and set the following: (image 2)
    • Original Size to A5
    • Source to Tray 1
    • Type to CardStock
  • Select Graphics Tab and set the following: (image 3)
    • Clear Text to Maximum (this is important as will print better quality, if not selected ink may rub off during a round. Especially players that don't use card cover and put in pocket)
  • Select Apply then OK

Add Scorecards to Tray 1

  • Open Tray 1 
  • Place scorecards in middle of tray
  • Bring left/right and rear guides square with scorecards
  • Don't overstack tray

Test Print

Test print a scorecard from a timesheet with a competition

Image 1Image 2

Image 3