Navigate to the desired timesheet to make the public booking. Select the number of cells in accordance with the number of players you are wanting to book (example below is for booking 4 players).



Once the correct number of cells are highlighted select the Public Book All option.


The next screen that appears allows you to allocate the green fee value to each player, allocate the number of carts required and enter the player(s) details for the booking.


During the booking process if you are wanting to register the player as a public member check the Register Player options.


Once all booking details are correct select the Confirm Booking option to go to the payment screen and confirm the booking information. Select the payment option (Credit Card, Cash, No Payment).


Once the appropriate payment option is selected continue by selecting Pay Now. Depending on the selection made the next screen will either ask for credit card details (PayPal / Credit Card option) or return you to the timesheet with the booking made showing a green dollar sign (cash / successfully processed credit card payment) or a red dollar sign (No Payment).