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Facilities with multiple courses require fee association to relevant courses.

Quick Process

  1. {Bookings} --> [Resources]
    1. [Add Course]
      1. Enter Course Name
      2. Select Nine Hole
      3. Select Active
      4. Select Front/Back Nine for Crossovers
  2. [Fixtures] --> [Fees] --> [Manage Fees]
    1. Select [Group] --> [Fee] --> Edit Fee
    2. Select Course and choose correct course
    3. [Save]
  3. Select [Fixtures] --> [Templates]
    1. Find required template and [Edit]
    2. Select [Configure Event] --> [Manage Rounds]
    3. Select [Booking Course] for required Group
    4. Choose correct course
    5. [Save]

Step-by-Step Process

Booking Courses

If a facility has more than 1 course each course must be setup as a booking course in the 'Resources' section. NOTE: The property P4P.enabled must be set to true for the booking courses option to appear.



Fee Setup

The fee group setup for multiple course venues should be done in such a way that there is a fee group for each course. The below example shows a facility with a North and South Course thus a fee group is setup for each.


The individual fee setup for facilities which has more than 1 course is very similar to that of a standard 18 hole facility except each individual fee needs to be assigned to a specific course, this is done through the 'Course' option of the fee setup. The options available under 'Course' will be the booking course names setup in the resources section.



Linking Booking Courses to Timesheets

The booking courses need to be linked to the particular timesheets in which their fees are applicable. eg. North Course needs to be linked to the North Course Timesheets. The linking of the booking course and the course specific fees is done through the 'Manage Groups' area of each timesheet. When P4P Stage 3 is enabled the 'Manage Groups' section of a timesheet will have an additional option called 'Booking Course Name', select the correct booking course for this field for that you want to link to this timesheet. NOTE: Each group in manage groups will need to be linked to the booking course for the tee times to be available for booking in the public portal.

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