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The newly developed Competition Prizes module has added a number of new features and refinements to enhance the usability and display of prizes won by competitors. The following video gives an overview of the new competition closing procedure as well as a run through of the new allocation methods and how to apply them.

The use of prize templates is highly recommended to increase accuracy of allocations and efficiency of process at conclusion of competitions.

Clubs that are existing users of prizes/ledgers will require assistance from MiClub support staff to define new Prize Types, Ledgers and conversion of existing member balances.  The display of Prize Accounts and/or prize redemptions will be unavailable for 24 to 48 hours to ensure an accurate audit and check of converted member transactions and balances.

Prize Ledgers


The Prize Ledger can now display up to three separate ledgers with Vouchers and Golf Balls able to be converted into a monetary amount:

  • Dollars
  • Balls
  • Vouchers

Two additional ledgers are available for Other allocated prizes and Points for Micro Power clients for each member and visitor

All allocations and redemptions appear in a bank-like statement for both admin and members. The date of the competition has been added for each prize as well as the allocation date.  Golf Balls and Vouchers can now only be redeemed as whole amounts or transferred into Dollars


Typically a club may allocate Dollars to winners, Golf Balls to place getters and a club glass(Other) for Near Pins.

eg John Smith has won $30, $20, 2 balls, 1 ball, 1 ball and two near pins
His ledger balances are:
Dollars - $50
Balls - 4
and 2 x glasses for collection from the office listed in Other

John can redeem $50 from the Dollar ledger, collect 4 x Balls and 2 x Glasses.  He can also choose to convert the 4 x balls won into the Dollar ledger should the balls have a monetary value.

ie Convert the 4 balls valued at $4 each to the Dollars ledger.  John's ledger balances would now be:
Dollars - $66
Balls - 0
Other - 2 x Glasses

The Ball ledger will no longer have part of a ball remaining with only whole balls to be redeemed or transferred to Dollars.

Vouchers can now be defined to hold a monetary value and be redeemed or transferred to the Dollars ledger in a similar method to Golf Balls.  A club may allocate vouchers that have a monetary value of $4. A member with 12 vouchers would have an amount of $48 to transfer to Dollars and be able to redeem.

Other ledger is now an effective tool for a club to allocate and track uncollected non-monetary prizes eg Bottles of Wine, Glasses, donated trophies etc

New and Improved Features

Allocations and Exclusions

The new prizes module in Competitions clearly defines and explains all Allocations and Exclusions.  Most Prize Allocations contain Prize Exclusions on the prizes that can be won.

exclude2Example above exclude guests from winning prizes also a Position Winner cannot also win a Place Getter prize.

Prize Exclusions display clearly shows any prizes a competitor has not been awarded.

Combine all in-conjunction Prize Allocations

Prizes can now lessens the number of in-conjunction competitions required. Team and scratch prizes can now be allocated at the same time as the individual prizes.  Previously an in-conjunction 4BBB with a singles event would require two separate competitions or running in-conjunction scratch 4BBB and scratch singles also would require four competitions.  It is now able to define all within the one competition and prizes results

A Prize allocation can contain all the following elements within the one competition and prize results

  • Singles winners and placegetters
  • Scratch Winners
  • Best Ball winners
  • Scratch Best Ball winners

Overall Winner

An overall winner can now be awarded a prize and then be excluded from winning grade prizes


Example above Ron Mannell wins the overall nut is excluded from the B Grade prize.

Gender Specific Prizes

Mixed/Medley events that have Male and Female scores combined but allocate separate prize pools can be displayed on one prize report.

Example below 60 men in the competition 3 winners and 4 balls,40 ladies in the competition 2 winner and 3 balls.

Also an overall winner can be awarded to either a male or female score then the gender prizes can be allocated.


Grade Proportions for Place Getter Prizes

Place Getters(Down the Line) prizes can now be evenly proportioned between the grades to reflect the number of competitors in each grade


Example above a greater percentage of balls awarded to C & D grade than A & B grade depending on entrants per grade.

Breakdown of 12 balls - A - 2 balls (17.5%), B - 2 balls(17.5%), C - 5 balls(40%), D - 3 balls(25%)

Scaling or Decrementing Place Getter Prizes

For place getter prizes that are scaled down by a constant amount depending on scores


Example above awards 4 balls to all players on 44 points, 3 balls to 43 points until all balls are allocated


Award randomly selected competitors to win a sweepstakes prize


eg Three competitors have been randomnly selected to win a Golf Ball.  The ball will be automatically credited to the member prize account


All prize allocations can now be fully templated to save time when allocating prizes.  Create, Edit, Clone and Delete templates in the new Template Manager




First step is to enter the Prizes for the created competition.  Select Prizes button in competition listings view.  

Two different screens can appear:


Competition without a prize template

Select Edit Prize Rules to begin building the prize allocations


Competition with a prize template applied with a preview of Prize Allocations and Prize Exclusions

Select Edit Prize Rules to adjust prize allocations

Building the Prize Allocation for a competition

Prize allocation setup has three standard allocations of Overall Winner, Place Getters and Great Scores.  All other allocations are optional that can be added or removed.

Standard AllocationsOverall WinnerPlace GettersGreat Scores 
Optional AllocationsGraded WinnersSweepstakeGross/Team WinnersNearest to Pin
 Hole PrizeProportionalOther 


All prizes can be awarded in:

Points - Micropower Clients
Other (Any non-monetary prize)


In the Maintain Ledgers section prize types can be made active or inactive.  If the club only allocates Golf Balls all other types would be made inactive with the only option being Balls

Overall Winner


1st, 2nd & 3rd



  • Add Extra Winners 4+
  • Include Guests
  • Male Winners
  • Female Winners

Define overall winners to as many places as required.  Include or exclude guests and also define Male or Female winners. Add a description for any prize to appear on prizes reports

Place Getters

Place Prize and Amount

Award Top - Above, %, # and Number



  • Decrement number and amount
  • Include Winners
  • Include Guests
  • Grade Enabled
  • Male Winners
  • Female Winners

Define place getters by percentage of field, above a score or by number. Grade enabled will allocate the same amount of prizes for each grade.  Place Getters can also be split between Male and Female for mixed/medley events.  Gender prizes cannot be then separated into grades as only one grade can apply to a competition.

Great Scores




  • Include Guests

Define the prizes competitors will automatically be allocated for any of the above great scores on individual holes.

Graded Winners

1st, 2nd & 3rd



  • Add Extra Winners 4+
  • Include Overall Winners
  • Include Guests

Define the number of prizes per grade.  Grades are defined in the competition setup.  Add more grade prize and also allow Overall winners and guests to win grade prizes


Winner Amount & Number



  • AM/PM Split
  • Include Guests

Define the number and type of prize of random winners registered in the competition.  Include guests and split prizes to ensure an event spread of AM and PM winners for all day events.

Gross and Team Winners

Gross Stableford
1st, 2nd & 3rd



  • Add Extra Team/Scratch Prize
  • Add Extra Winners 4th+
  • Include Place Getters
  • Include Winners
  • Define Grade Type
  • Allow Guests

Define the prizes for the best Gross scores.  Add more gross winners and allocate gross prizes by grade.  Allow place getters and Nett prize winners to also win gross prizes.  Add as many in-conjunction prizes as desired ie 4BBB, 4BBB Gross, Irish Team Stableford, etc

Nearest to Pin

4 x Nearest to Pin



  • Graded
  • Add More Nearest to Pins
  • Include Guests

Allocate prizes for the four Par 3's. Add more Nearest to Pin prizes also in grades. Please not the Hole # can only be a numeric figure ie. 18 not 18th.  To award more than one prize to the same hole a different description must be added.

Hole Prizes

1 x Hole Prize



  • Add Hole Prizes
  • Graded
  • Include Guests

Define Hole Prizes for Long Drives, Straight Drives etc.  Add as many prizes as required and allow prizes by grade

Proportional Place Getters

Prize Total
Individual Prize



  • Include Guests

Define place getter prizes to be awarded by percentage in each grade. ie 100 player field allocating 50 balls with 60, 25 and 15 players in A, B & C grade respectively would award:

A-Grade 60% - 30 balls
B-Grade 25% - 13 balls
C-Grade 15% - 7 balls

Other Prizes

Amount and Description



  • Add more Other Prizes
  • Include Guests

Define any other prizes ie Encouragement, NAGA, Best dressed etc.  Add as many other prizes as required and also include guests

Prize Tips and Finalising

Be sure to Save the allocation at anytime, Preview Rules to display all Allocations and Exclusions.  Select Go To Prize Leaderboard to preview the prizes on any scores that have been returned.  Select Save as Template to add to list of available template.

bottom menu

When previewing the Prize leaderboard select the edit pencil for Hole Prizes and Other Prizes to add winners.  Also to exclude a player from a prize select the exclude icon next to the player.  The exclusions appear beneath the allocations, please review allocations and exclusions prior to closing the competition.


Select Finalise Prizes to enable prize allocations to be re-produced on reports.  Once finalised each allocation can be editied to increase/decrease prize value and add/alter description.  Please be careful that prizes are correct before altering as unfinalising the prizes will remove all edited prizes and also reallocate the draw of names for sweepstake.


When satisfied with prize allocation prizes can be posted to ledgers and integrated systems(Info Genesis and Micro Power). Posted prizes can only be reversed by email to miClub support.  Posted prizes to integrated systems cannot be reversed.



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