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Screenshot_10You can link to a document (PDF, .DOC etc) a website or an email address by using the insert/edit link icon

1.Create the trigger text or image. Screenshot_2

Highlight or select this trigger.
The trigger is what you want users to click on to action the link
EG: This is a link to a document

2. Click on the insert/edit link icon. Screenshot_3

The Insert/edit link window will open.


3. Click on the folder icon Screenshot_6

To upload a file from your computer  select the the folder icon, once selected a Moxie Manager  window will appear.

Here you can select from files that have been previously uploaded or upload a newdocument

4. Select Upload from the top left corner Screenshot_8

Once you select upload a drop down menu will appear

From here you will select Local Machine, on selection another upload window will appear
This will allow you to browse your computer or local network for the document of your choice.


5. Add files 

Select the add files button on your bottom right corner to browse your computer, once you have located the document select open  Screenshot_11

6. Upload your document Screenshot_12

Once you have selected your document in step 5, your document will now appear in the upload window ready for you to add it to your website.

Select upload and wait for the percentage bar to reach 100% and then select close and insert (img 2)


7. Creating your linkScreenshot_14

Once you select insert from step 6 you will be presented with your final insert link box, from here you set your target to new window and finally select ok  


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