Using Royal Slider to edit the images on your website slider.

Quick Guide

1.  Navigate to wordpress dashboard and choose Royal Slider

2.  Edit Slider in question

3.  Add image (or edit / remove)

4.  Upload or choose image (correctly sized)

5.  Click Add to Slider

6.  Click Save Slider

Step by Step Guide

1.  From Wordpress Dashboard (content / manage content) choose Royal Slider

2.  Hover over the slider in question (usually home page) and click Edit

3.  From the screen that appears you can add / remove / edit images on the slider

4.  Add image then use the appropriate option to upload a correctly sized image (if you are not sure of the correct size, please contact for the dimensions required)

5.  Once the information has been completed (please ensure that "full size" is selected) click "add to slider"

6.  Once the new image has been added to the slider and dragged into the required position, select "save"