When applying Unallocated/Advance Payments through the Financials/Invoice area of XClub, the payments will auto apply to the invoice with the most days outstanding. If you want to apply the advance/unallocated payments to a specific or the most recent invoice then this action is to be undertaken in the individual Member's record.

Quick Process

  • Select Financials/Invoices icon from main menu
  • Select Unallocated/Advance Payments tab
    • Enter a Date Range 
    • Select filters by Membership Type or Payment Methods from the drop down menus to apply the payments in groups
  • Select (highlight) members in list
  • Select Payment icon (top right of screen)
  • Select Yes to apply payments to outstanding invoices 
    • This may take a few minutes to process

Note: Unallocated/Advance Payments will not apply to members who have a zero account balance