Refund a member's advance payments. This may be required if the member has resigned or changed their Membership Type to one with a lesser value.

Quick Steps

  • Create a new Charge Type in Config e.g. Member Refund

  • Search for Member
  • Select member's Account tab (XClub - Invoice tab)
  • Select create Invoice icon
    • Delete any default charges that appear in the Invoice
    • Type an invoice note i.e. reason for refund
  • Select the Add Charge icon (green/white plus sign)
  • Select the Charge Type Member Refund from the Type drop menu
    • Add a Charge note i.e. refund
  • Enter the Amount to be refunded
  • Select OK
  • Select Create invoice

  • From the member Account tab, select the invoice you just created
  • Click your mouse in the Advance Payment field to open the Advance Payment window
  • Select the Payment to apply to the Member Refund invoice
  • Select OK

  • Select Yes to apply the Advance Payment to the invoice