This feature is only available for customers with MiMembership (MiClub XClub) Version 2.1.10 or above.

Before changing a member's member number we recommend you search your database (including deleted, expired or resigned members) to ensure no other member has the new member number attached to their profile. Please contact MiClub Support if you require assistance.

Quick Process

Search for the member that requires the change of member number. 

From the Members List View screen;

  1. Select the Change button (located bottom of screen) and select Member Number from the drop menu
  2. In the From field - enter the member's current member number
  3. In the To field - enter the member's new member number
  4. Select OK
  5. Select Yes to confirm the change
  6. Select Yes to update the username

The member's Member Number and Username is now updated. 

For clients with membership integration to MiClub Golf and SwiftPOS these fields will update in these programs following the next integration cycle.