Secure your membership data base by creating staff logins and security access levels

We recommend you create a MiClub support login with full security access and email the password to

Quick Process

  • Select Config from the main menu
  • Select Security

  • Select Security Level i.e. 1
  • Select Customers
  • Select All for the highest access or select individual features on or off (select the red cross or blue tick) for each level of security
    • Repeat the process for each security level, Invoices and Utilities

  • Once you have set up your security levels, select Staff
  • Enter Staff names, passwords and select their security level from the drop menu

  • Return to Security and turn Security On by clicking on the red cross located at the top of the page

  • Exit XClub and reopen the program
  • You will be required to log in;
    • Select your name from the drop menu
    • Enter your password in the empty field
    • Select Login