Create a Quarterly Bar Levy / House Credit

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This feature is used in conjunction with the Crossover XBar product. Bar or House Levies/Credits are commonly used and are generally invoiced on an annual basis at the beginning of the financial year. In this example the client requested instruction on implementing a Bar Levy that is to be payable quarterly, with each quarter to expire at the end of the financial year collectively (They were also applying a 10% discount for Members who used their Bar Credit, disregard step 4 if this does not apply to you).

Step-by-Step Process

1. Create a new Charge Type 

  • Select Config from the XClub main menu
  • Select Charge Type
  • Type in the description of your Charge Type that will be invoiced each quarter

2. Create the Account Credits

  • Select Account Credits (located under Charge Type in Config menu)
  • Create an Account Credit for each Bar Charge Type

3. Build a Search of Members to be invoiced the new Charge Type

  • Select Members from the main menu
  • From the Search Window, select Build Search tab
  • Add the Membership Types that will be invoiced the new Charge Type to your search
    • We recommend you save this search so it can be used for billing the new Charge Type each quarter
  • Select Search

4. Apply Discount to each individual Member.

  • Select the first member in the search results (List View)
  • Select Account Information Tab
  • Tick the XBar Discount box and enter the discount percentage in the available field i.e. 10
  • Tick the In Credit Only box
    • Ticking this box will ensure the discount will only be applied to the sale in XBar if the member has a Credit Account Balance
  • Repeat this for each member in your search results

When a member has the XBar discount settings added to their XClub profile, the discount will appear top right of the sale screen and automatically be applied to the sale. (You can only have one discount option for members)

The following window will appear on the XBar sales screen when the member does not have any credit available in their XBar account:

5. Invoice Members the Quarterly Charge

  • Highlight all members in the search results (List View)
  • Select Invoice+ icon
  • Select Yes to create invoices

  • From the next window, select Same

  • Enter the dates of your invoice
  • Select the Add Charges icon (green/white plus sign)
  • Select the new Charge Type, 
  • Adjust the Amount if required
  • Select OK

  • Select Create
    • It may take a few minutes to create the invoices, do not interrupt this process

You can now print or email the invoices


6. View and Print Account Credits Report

  • Select Invoices from main menu
  • Select Account Credits
  • Select Account Credit Type from drop menu
  • Select Print
    • Report can be printed or exported from the print preview screen

7. Add XBar and XPos Account Balances to member List View Screen

  • Select Config
  • Select List View
  • Select Account Balance
  • Return to List View screen
    • You can order List View columns by clicking the column header and dragging it to the left or right

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