How to change a membership type fee and apply the change to a group of members. The same process may also be used update a Charge Type.

Quick Process

  • Select Config from the main menu
  • Select Membership Type (defaults)
  • Over type the amount for the relevant fee/s you wish to change
  • Select Members from the main menu
  • Build a Search for the Membership Type that the new fee will now apply to
  • From the Member List View area, select/highlight all members (you can do this by clicking on the top left square of the List view column headings)
  • Select Change button (located bottom of screen)
  • Select Default Charges from the drop menu > click OK
  • From the next window select Defaults > click OK
  • You have now updated the default charges on each member in the Search to the new fee. When you invoice these members you will note the new fee will automatically appear.