To create contact lists for MiClub enews system for non-members.

Quick Process

1.  From admin portal - Communications / Contact Lists

2.  Import New List

3.  Name LIst

4.  Add Individuals Manually, or

5,  Import list from CSV

6,  Save List

Step By Step Process

1.   Admin Portal - Communications / Contact Lists

2.  Import New List

3.  Give the New List a name

4.  Add Individuals to list Manually

Once individuals have been added Save the list


5.  Import Contacts from CSV

- Create a Spreadsheet with required contacts First Name, Last Name and Email Address, and save as CSV file - close the spreadsheet (import will not work if spreadsheet open

First NameLast NameEmail Address

- Select Import File from File Upload Section and select the csv that you just saved

- Click Upload

- This will open a field mapping option, select "header row" if needed, then ensure that the fields on your CSV match the communications fields on the right, then click next.

- Save the list

The list you just created will now appear and can be selected when creating campaigns in the usual way.