Quick Solution

1. Type Text to link to, drag in appropriate snippet or insert image to link to

2.  For Text  use the "link" tool (left hand toolbar), for button within snippet choose "edit link", for image use edit image then "link image to URL"

3.  Click the link icon in the window

4.  Upload PDF , click on newly uploaded file and choose Select

5.  Edit the text that shows if necessary

6.  Choose the "new window" option in target, edit the link title, then click ok.

Step by Step Solution

1.   Select Item to be linked (text / snippet button or image)  (Highlight text, click on image or drag in snippet with buttons.

2a.   Text:

Highlight text in paragraph, then select the link tool in the side menu.

2b.  For Button link or image click on then choose edit.

3.  Choose the Link Icon in the Pop Up Window

4.  Upload the PDF in the media section

Then click the uploaded file and choose "select

5.  You can then edit the link screen to change the words in the button link / text link to change what shows on the screen.  Adding / Editing the Title will give you a way to differentiate between the links in your enews reports.  

6.   Clicking New Window will open pdf in new window when viewing in browser.