Guide on creating and sending an enews campaign.

Quick Process

  1. Create or Update Contact List
  2. Create ENEWS Campaign
    • Set ENEWS Parameters
    • Select Contact List and/or Recipients
    • Add campaign content
    • Preview and send test email

  • Create a contact list by:

  • Selecting existing members or groups of members from your MiClub Membership Database

  • Non- members can be imported via csv with 3 fields; First Name, Last Name and Email Address.  Individual Non members can also be added.

Method 1 – Existing Members in Database

  • Login as administrator and navigate to Communication > Contact Lists
  • Click on button to Add New List
  • Give the list a name, then select members to be added.  This can be done by individual or groups of members
  • Individuals.  Search and add individual members by name or membership number.  Click on Add.  Each individual is added to the list.  If they don’t have an email address a warning – “no email” will display
  • Groups / Membership Categories – select which member categories you would like on this particular list – you can choose all, all members, all public members, or a specific category / categories.
  • Filter Members
  • You can then make the list more targeted by adding database filters – Date of Birth, gender, handicap, postcode, join date, first aider
  • You can also filter by tags.  Tags are a way of grouping members with custom labels.   i.e. you can create a label for committee members for a particular year, then search for all of the committee members and tag them.  This can be accessed in Communication > Manage Tags.  

Method 2 – Non-members import via a csv file or enter individually

  • Go to Communication > Contact Lists
  • Click on the button - Import List
    • Choose file to import - must be CSV format
    • Click on Upload
    • Name the List
    • Confirm the field mapping is correct - that the first last name and email address fields are mapped correctly. Next.
    • Save

  • Alternatively, click the Add Individual button to enter one at a time.
  • To export non member lists from your current MiClub enews system, ready to import.
  • Login as normal to
  • Navigate to “Subscribers”
  • Select the Subscriber list you wish to export, ensure active is selected in the second dropdown – scroll to bottom of the page and choose expor
  • Create your enews
  • Navigate to Communication  > Enews
  • This will bring you to your enews dashboard
  • Click on New Email Campaign, fill in the details on the General Settings page, click next.
  • Select the recipients.
  • This can be done by individual, communication list or membership Categories, you may preview the recipient list at this time.
  • Select the Template that you would like to use  (There will be at least one template set up for your club, which will usually include a logo, header image and footer– if you have more than one template, please ensure you have chosen the correct one, as it cannot be changed once chosen).
  • You are now in the Edit Content Phase of the Enews.

Note:  Prior to beginning the content phase of your enews, we recommend that the basic layout / text / images are set up in a word document.  When copy and pasting the text into the enews, it should be filtered through notepad or to remove any code that Word has created.

  • To add a section into your enews you can select the style that you require from the snippets on the left and drag and drop them into your template. 
  • There are a number of different snippets on the right hand side, and if you hover over them a short description will show (i.e. 2 column paragraph with button, divider line, text wrap image right, etc)
  • Please ensure that you save your work as you go – the Auto Save Enabled option will not save, but will provide you with a reminder to do so.
  • Adding and Editing Images
  • Drag and drop a snippet with an image into the working document.
  • Hover over the image and click “Edit Image”, you will be prompted with the following box:
  • Click on the link next to Image Source, an image file will open, you can select an image from that file, or upload a new one, by clicking the upload link in the top left hand corner .  You can also manage the folders for the images in this window.
  • Once you have clicked on the upload button a window will open allowing you to navigate to the files on your computer to choose the images to upload, select the image you would like to use and click Open
  • At this stage, you can choose from the filters on the image or to resize, then click upload.
  • Select the image (mark with a tick) you have just uploaded, then click the select option at the bottom of the screen.  If you wish to link the image to a web page at this point, you can do so by entering the url into the box, or if you wish to link to a document / pdf, you can upload the document
  • Have to re upload image?
  • Once happy with click next and go on to preview screen. 
  • Check Summary Settings
  • Send test e-mail (recommended)
  • Preview in different sizes (desktop, Tablet, Phone)
  • Once happy – send email.