Prize postings to accounts is available for a number of membership and POS systems. Before attempting to post prizes to accounts please contact MiClub to ensure the correct configuration has been completed.

To post prizes to accounts setup and finalise prizes as per the standard process. Once prizes have been finalised an option will appear to 'Post' prizes.

Select the 'Post Prizes' option to post the awarded prizes in the competition to accounts. 

The status of the prize posting process can be checked through the 'Integration Log' section of the site (System > Integration Log).

The integration log can be filtered by date and status so any failed transactions can be easily identified. Prizes successfully processed onto accounts will have an 'Accepted' tag added to the transaction.

The prize posting process normally takes between 15-30 seconds depending on the number of prizes awarded. It is recommended you check the membership or POS system prizes have been posted to ensure they appear on members accounts.