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Process to ensure a 'Kiosk' Windows 10 computer with touch screen is setup for MiClub Kiosk functions

Please follow the below steps prior to making contact with MiClub Staff, this will take a few hours to complete.  Ensure your club's IT contractor/purchaser doesn't bring the new computer in a box un-opened as this is their job to do. The IT contractor will know most of the steps outlined below.  

You will get much joy out of turning on the PC and either printing or scanning immediately. 

If MiClub has supplied the PC all you need to do is Plug and Play after you have connected it to your internet


  • Find a big desk with plenty of room to spread out
  • Open the box and take off all packaging and place neatly back in the box.
  • Keep the box for a few months just in case something goes wrong and the computer needs to be sent back to get fixed/replaced


  • Setup the PC on the desk
  • Plug in Keyboard and mouse
  • Plug in the Internet Cable if using a wired connection
  • Plug in the Power and turn on

Windows Setup

  • Go through the Windows opening installation screens
  • It will ask if using a Wifi connection so have that username and password around
  • Ensure you Skip setup of password, you don't want to keep having to type in the password when computer restarts

The PC will ideally be used just as a kiosk so no one can access the PC settings unless of course you leave the keyboard and mouse connected.  If members are not used to a touch screen they will soon get used to it as less can go wrong.  And if they need to open a new web page to check their Golf Link history lend them your phone or show them how easy to do on their own.

Also the keyboard is just a dust gatherer and the mouse tends to end up on the floor most of the time

Screen should now be at the Desktop.  This may take a while so best to get started in the morning

Windows Configure

  • Run Windows Updates all of them, once completed run again to ensure all are updated.  
  • Remove pre-installed trial security software, don't worry as the Windows Defender is their to protect the PC from having all those bad scores entered
  • Remove pre-installed Java software, we will put on a version of Java that doesn't need to keep being updated 
  • Remove pre-installed Adobe Reader software
  • Tidy up Windows start by removing all the free games and software, right click and uninstall
  • Select the Windows button on the keyboard or select on the screen
  • Type In User and select Change User Account Control settings move down to Never Notify then OK accept the warnings
  • Type in Tablet and select Tablet Settings change to Always use Desktop mode and Never Ask Never Change

Chrome Settings

  • Download and Install Google Chrome
  • In Chrome Settings --> Passwords and Forms
    • Auto-Fill settings 
      • Turn off Auto-Fill forms
      • Clear or delete any form data
  • Manage Passwords
    • Turn-Off - Offer to save passwords
    • Turn-Off - Auto Sign-in
    • Clear or Delete any saved passwords

Browser Settings

  • Open a new tab and navigate to club web site
    • Log-in as administrator
    • Select Kiosk
    • Select Kiosk mode
  • Back to Chrome Settings --> On start-up
    • Select Open a specific set of pages
    • Use current pages
    • Ensure just the Kiosk page is set, delete any other
  • Close Chrome and set Chrome in Kiosk mode by
    • Right clicking Chrome icon on desktop
    • Select properties
    • Select Target field then End on keyboard, hit the space bar once then add -kiosk
    • Select OK
  • Add Chrome to Startup folder so computer starts in Kiosk mode after restart
    • Right click Chrome icon on desktop
    • Select Copy
    • Hold-down Windows Start button on keyboard and then press R
    • Type in shell:startup then enter
    • Right click in folder and press paste


Install MiClub Screen Connect remote desktop software 

  • In a new Chrome browser enter
  • Software will download in bottom left corner of browser
  • Select the download and run. Accept and allow all prompts
  • When loaded a blue MC icon will appear in bottom right corner near time/date 

Now is the time to install the scanning and/or printing software, follow the installation guides or call MiClub Support to assist


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