• Close MiGL Integrator
  • Navigate to folder C:/MiClub/MiMembership
  • Open file mimembership.exe.config in notepad
  • Check the below fields have values


    <add key="MiMembershipRegistration" value="1350852432582657" />

    <add key="BaseUrl" value="" />

    <add key="ConsumerKey" value="7YLC82WPD7CHVP1RLOUVAUVOPPYZVP" />

    <add key="ConsumerSecret" value="QFENV9OPXY69JNJQSXTB0T3BDW8LU6" />

    <add key="CallbackUrl" value="oob" />

    <add key="SigningCertificate" value="resources\cert\public_privatekey.pfx" />

    <add key="SigningCertificatePassword" value="" />



  • Close MiGL Integrator
  • Navigate to C:/MiClub/MiGLIntegrator - in this folder there will be a file named tokens.sqlite, or similar (it should be the only file with 'token' in the name and is a small file of around 2KB)
  • Delete this file
  • Re-Open MiGL Integrator connect to XERO

 If a second error is received for oauth_problem=timstamp:

  • Navigate to the date and time on the PC and set to correct date/time/location
  • Repeat the above steps to delete the tokens. sqlite file