This process does not reverse or delete the original incorrect Invoice and Payment, it creates an audit trail to follow. Once this process is complete, you then create the correct invoice and apply the correct payment.

Note: This process can only be used when you do not have MYOB/Xero account integration.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Create a Charge Type for the Correction Invoices to be created against ‘Invoice Correction/Adjustment'

  • Create a Payment Method for the Correction payments to be created against ‘Payment Correct/Adj’

  • Make a note of the Invoice Number and Amount that you need to correct

  • Create an Invoice with the Charge Type you created earlier ‘Invoice Correction/Adjustment’
    • Enter the amount that needs to be corrected
    • Select 0.00 GST
    • Select OK
  • Add a summary in the Invoice notes section to describe what this invoice correction is for
  • Select Create Invoice

  • Pay the Invoice
    • Select Payment Type previously created ‘Payment Correct/Adj’
    • Enter the Amount
  • A summary in the notes section as to what this payment correction is for