Using a mobile on the course can sometimes be distracting to you and others, therefore practice course etiquette.

Installing and using the app for the first time

  • Download and install the app before you get to the club (Important: make sure you know your app store or play store password as you will need it to download the app).
  • Once the app is downloaded, start a dummy practice round or play a practice round to get familiar with the app before using it on a competition
  • Adjust the time out settings to ensure you are not consuming too much of your mobile's battery
  • You can lessen the use of your battery by following these simple steps:
    • Closing down background apps
    • Switch to low battery mode
    • Turn on Do Not Disturb
    • Go to Miscore settings and adjust screen saver

Course Etiquette

  • Put your mobile in an easily accessible place on your buggy, bag or cart.  Note: Most pro shops now sell phone cradles specific for all types of golf buggies
  • Only use the device to score and view pin locations. Here are some tips to avoid distractions:
    • Turn on silent mode
    • Turn on Do Not Disturb
    • Turn off notifications for emails
    • Switch on car driving mode to automatically divert calls
  • Use the app for the distance to pin instead of other devices
  • Check that your club is updating the pin locations when pins are moved
  • Update the scores at the end of each hole so the live scoring leader boards are constantly updated