Regular cleaning of LED and rollers ensures printer is well maintained and life of printer will be extended.  Will assist in avoiding vertical streaks and paper jams

Cleaning LED Heads - Clean the LED heads if vertical lines appear, images are fading vertically, or the periphery of letters is smudged in the print outs. Dirt on the LED heads may also cause paper jams

  1. Open To Cover
  2. Remove Print Cartridge and place on flat surface
  3. Cover the cartridge with a sheet of paper so not exposed to light
  4. Lightly wipe the lenses of the LED heads with soft tissue paper
  5. Replace print cartridge

Cleaning Paper Feed Rollers

  1. Pull out paper tray
  2. Wipe two paper feed rollers in printer with a slightly damp cloth
  3. Wipe the paper feed roller in tray with a slightly damp cloth