Run and print a report of credit or prize balances expired or due to expire on or before a selected date

Note: the figures in this report include GST

Quick Process

  • Select Financials
  • Select Credit Expiry
  • Enter the date and an AM time
    • E.g. if you require a report on house levies that expired 31/3/2019; enter date and time 1/4/2019 02.00.00AM. This ensures all POS transactions are included in the expired credit report
  • Select Account Credit from drop menu
  • Select All (relevant) membership types
  • Select the run report icon (located top right of screen)
    • It may take several minutes for the report to populate
  • Select Print
  • The report can be printed or exported to csv or xlxs

To run the report of transactions in SwiftPOS:

Note: the figures in this report are excluding GST

  • Select Reports
  • Select Sales Reports
  • Select PLU Sales by Member
  • Enter date range of transactions e.g. 1/4/2018 to 1/4/2019
  • Enter PLU number e.g. 19902
  • Select Preview