For clubs using a supported integrated POS solution (SwiftPOS or Northstar) all fees must have a POS code entered against the fee. Without a POS code entered the integration between the timesheet and POS system will not work.

POS codes can either be entered against fees during the initial fee setup process or alternatively can be added to fees which have previously been configured.

New Fee Setup

Once the 'Add Fee' option has been selected on the initial fee setup page there is an option for 'Pos Code'. This is the field in which the Pos code should be entered.

Adding a Pos Code to an Existing Fee

If you need to add a Pos code to an existing fee this can done by selecting the edit pencil next to the fee you are wanting to add the Pos code to.

Once on the fee configuration page enter the Pos code in the in the 'POS' field.

To complete the setup select the 'Save' option.