ClubShare allows tee times to be shared from one venue to another under a reciprocal arrangement. To facilitate this booking process a public fee needs to be configured and adjustments made to booking rules.

Public Fee Configuration

Navigate to the public fees area by selecting Fees > Manage Fees

Scroll down to the section labelled Agents and there will be a fee group called ClubShare.

To create a new fee select the fee group name followed by Add Fee.

Enter a fee name and any applicable details followed by the Save option.

In the fee configuration window that opens enter the relevant fee information such as date range, time range, applicable days and price.

IMPORTANT: The ClubShare icon must be selected under the Agent option.

Select the Save option to finalize the fee setup.

Booking Rule Configuration

If all tee times within the system are to be made available through ClubShare the existing booking rules within the system can be adjusted to include the ClubShare activation. If only selected tee times are going to be made available through ClubShare then new booking rules need to be created and applied to the applicable times.

To access the booking rules section of the product navigate to Bookings > Booking Rules 

To edit an existing booking rule select the edit pencil to the right of the booking rule.

To activate ClubShare within a booking rule scroll down the page to the Booking Client Restrictions section and check the tick box next to Reciprocal Bookings.

Finalize the setup by selecting the Save option in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Booking Rule Application

If existing booking rules have been updated and have already been applied this process will already be complete.

Navigate to the timesheet or template that require the ClubShare booking rule to be applied to. Select the rows which are to have the ClubShare booking rule applied and select List on Reciprocal.

Select the ClubShare booking rule to be applied from the Booking Rule drop down list followed by List on Reciprocal Bookings.


The booking rule will now be applied to the selected rows and these tee times will be available for booking through the ClubShare portal.

Repeat this process for all tee times which are to be made available through ClubShare.