What's New - MiClub Golf

Modified on Wed, 29 Nov 2023 at 10:42 AM


Bug Fixes

Cancellation emails not being sent

Error on deleting row that had bookings previously

Duplicate booking reminder issue

Error on mobile when viewing results

Member category list not displaying count for Public and Visitors

GST Amount for Equipment on invoice print for Public Bookings


Pace of Play (POP) player tracking improvements

Pressing Enter key on public booking login now submits as a login

Print Card checkbox in Kiosk registration re-located adjacent to Register button

Mobile view of fixture list stays on focus when a timesheet opens for booking

Mobile users will have Join Draw button display instead of Details for Lottery

Multi-Round date selector now set to and from dates


Lock tee times to not have playing partners

Great for Mini Golf timesheets so public/member bookings only need one player booked to reserve whole row

  1. Hide Partial Public Row in Cnfigure Events > Details & Openings
  2. Admin view of Public Booking at 11am
  3. Public view of available times with 11am not showing

Admin Portal refresh (Q1 '24)

Update of the Admin Home to quickly see common support issues and solutions

MSL import of Storage Locker through integration

MSL integration of storage locker now added

Quick edit of event titles, time of day and gender from fixture list view

Quickly edit event title and description from the fixture view, great when uploading your events in bulk to change competition type, information for members or event requirements.


Bug Fixes

Select All Daily Fees Sticks/Bugs out

Incorrect GST amount showing on Check In > Print Invoice

Leaderboard Available Time setting timezone issue

Remove club access to deactivate default categories Visitor, Staff & Public Member

Error when booking rule has Auto end set

Lesson Diary breaking for groups with no rows

Error when adding equipment to existing booking

Pace Of Play > Player By Day Report missing in reports


Highlight Inactive and or unassigned Members on the timesheet for administrators

Competition prize report - Allow NTP description to fully display

Update admin scorecard view for score visibility for sites with dark background colours


Framework for Multi-Factor authentation (MFA) for admin user access (Q1 '24)

Framework for NearPin prize integration with MiScore App (Dec '24)

Framework for Socials sign-up and login for Public Bookings Players (Q1 '24)

Sign-Up with Socials Sign in with Socials

New email trigger for 'No Show' bookings

Prize points integration with IGT

Alignment of column text in admin Leaderboard

Extend distance field in prize reports to six characters for Novelty/Near Pin prizes

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